ENBD UAE Nationals Development Program - cld-mena


To help the young Emirati talent in the organization achieve their true potential with a focus on specific list of high impact competences.


Using our consulting methodology of Diagnose, Transform and Sustain a customized program was launched:

  • Diagnose : ENBD shared a list of pre-determined topics, based on an extensive training needs analysis. We conducted a comprehensive customization exercises to help blend global best practices with a unique local flavor.
  • Transform : High Impact workshops both in the digital and f2f format. The workshops were a collection of customized role plays, case studies, interactive discussions and workplace application-based exercises. Topics included Relationship Management, Selling Through Service and Presentation Skills.
  • Sustain :
    • Action Planning Dialogues
    • Knowledge Checks
  • Timeline : Annual programs initiated 2019. Ongoing,
  • Program Language: English, & Arabic