Dubai Islamic Bank Service Excellence Program - cld-mena


This program aimed to bring about a more customer focused approach across the whole DIB network, leaving participants feeling more passionate about delivering outstanding service by understanding the logical and emotional motivations of a customer to buy or continue using a service.


Using our consulting methodology of Diagnose, Transform and Sustain a customized program was launched that focused on global best practices around service excellence.

  • Diagnose : A series of alignment briefings, job shadowing’s, mystery shopping’s and focus groups were conducted with a cross section of the branch and service leadership population to help understand the barriers to service excellence.
  • Transform : The population was divided into 2 different levels (Service Leaders & Service Providers). Using the data from the diagnose phase, two custom programs were built to help drive the service mindset change forward. The priority themes were Service Mindset & Attitude Coaching (Service Leaders) and Time Management, Integrity, Personalization, Empathy, Relationship Management, Compliant Management and Trust (Service Providers).
  • Sustain :
    • Service Pledge
    • Knowledge Check
    • Job Shadowing Mystery Shopping
  • Timeline : 9-month program in 2021-2022. Follow under Service Hub branding in 2022 H2.