Bourn Hall Clinic Patient Care Program - cld-mena


The strategic objective is to upskill the nurses in order for them to increase their ability to follow-up and become more proactive in their function and patient interactions. Ultimately the nurses need to display and show more initiative in order to have more successful patient turnover.


Using our consulting methodology of Diagnose, Transform and Sustain a customized program was launched that focused on global best practices around Patient communication and service.

  • Diagnose : Alignment Briefings, Interviews, Job Shadowing and Online-Surveys
  • Transform : Series of 3 high impact workshop that covered
    • Discovering inner strength
    • Unleashing new sources of energy to handle a heavy workload
    • Making an impact by adopting a winning attitude
    • Enriching the lives of others that matter to you
    • Creating greater openness, trust and mutual respect
    • Enhancing each-other’s strengths, creating better co-operation
    • Increasing a sense of togetherness, initiative and responsibility
    • Becoming a stronger team that can meet increasing demands
  • Sustain : Using individual Development Plans, the participants were given an opportunity to speak about their plans with our Performance Development Specialists. These tele-mentoring calls were 30 minutes long and were organized twice in a span of 1-2 months. Dashboard reports were shared with the project owners to demonstrate the level of engagement, understanding and participation.
  • Timeline : 3-month program in 2019