AXA Client Service Excellence Program - cld-mena


To help develop the service team into a high performing unit that becomes an engine of growth for the organization. Particular focus on Service excellence and communication.


Using our consulting methodology of Diagnose, Transform and Sustain a customized program was launched that focused on global best practices around healthcare patient service. .

  • Diagnose: Alignment Briefings, Interviews, Double Visits and Online-Surveys
  • Transform: A high impact 3-day workshop that covered
    • Customer Discovery
    • Rapport Building
    • Objection Handling
    • Service Recovery
    • Customer Experience Excellence
    • Maintaining Relationships
  • Sustain : Using individual Development Plans, the participants were given an opportunity to speak about their plans with our Performance Development Specialists. These tele-mentoring calls were 30 minutes long and were organized twice in a span of 1-2 months. Dashboard reports were shared with the project owners to demonstrate the level of engagement, understanding and participation.
  • Timeline : 1-month program in 2019