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7th Annual Wellbeing at Work Summit

Promoting Wellbeing at Work as a Global Strategic Priority

CLD Mena, a new addition to the CareTech Group, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of specialized care, was delighted to participate in and co-sponsor the 7th Wellbeing at Work Middle East Summit. Purple Tuesday, a global movement devoted to enhancing the consumer experience for People of determination¬†and their families, joined the event alongside CLD Mena.

The three-day showcase included senior-level HR, reward, wellness, benefit, and business leaders from around the area looking to enhance their health and wellness approach. Participants at the Wellbeing at Work Summit acquired the following benefits:

  • Developed in-person and virtual relationships with peers from prominent employer brands.
  • Acquired knowledge from notable companies around the region.
  • Obtained cutting-edge data and insights on workplace well-being.
  • Supported or debated their ideas and techniques for fostering a healthy company culture.
  • Enjoyed wonderful food and beverages to enhance energy.
  • Utilized integrated tools and expertise to boost employee happiness, engagement, and productivity inside their enterprises.

Companies which view employee well-being as a strategic necessity outperform their competition. When firms help their employees feel psychologically and socially comfortable, their capacity, creativity, and performance improve, allowing them to recruit top talent. The Wellbeing at Work Summit laid down the groundwork for 2023 and beyond, bringing together participants in Riyadh, Dubai, and online.

During the event, Omar Hayat and Masam Ali Malik from CLD Mena presented “Culture of Employee Wellness: Creating Organizations of the Future” in Riyadh. Attendees visited CLD Mena’s booth in Dubai, where they:

  1. Experienced various learning and empathy tools.
  2. Consulted with experts regarding their organization’s wellness strategy.
  3. Learnt from experts about creating a more inclusive environment for people of determination

The complete list of speakers and sponsors can be found at https://wellbeingatwork.world/.

Social care, employee wellness, and enhancing experiences for people of determination are close to our hearts, and our participation in the Wellbeing at Work summit is one of several initiatives in this space.

Meaningful change is driven from the top of every organization, and Wellbeing at Work provided busy C-Suite executives with the opportunity to collaborate and create a significant impact within their organizations and society at large through strategic discussions, focused meetings, and in-company masterclasses.