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Global Leaders Forum

Promoting Inclusivity and Accessibility for People of Determination

Global Leaders Forum: Uniting Leaders for People of Determination

The Global Leaders Forum, a gathering of Business leaders from across the UAE, was organised by CLD MENA and Purple Tuesday and took place in Hyatt Regency, Dubai on 22nd June 2023. This highly anticipated event brought together senior management, thought leaders and decision-makers to address pressing global challenges faced by People of Determination and foster collaboration towards making the customer experience more inclusive and better for People of Determination.

With the People of Determination facing multiple hurdles regarding inclusivity and interconnected issues, the Global Leaders Forum served as a platform to spark dialogue and innovative solutions. This year’s forum explored key themes such as customer service, accessibility, and global inclusive experience.

Attendees from various sectors, including aviation, pharmaceutical, academia, and finance, shared their expertise and insights during their Keynotes. The Panel discussion with ambassadors of Purple Tuesday, Sahm Cooper, Jessica Smith OAM PLY, and Geeta Manghnani shed light on the challenges faced by People of Determination. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, gain valuable perspectives, and forge partnerships that transcend borders, sectors and challenges.

The Global Leaders Forum provided a unique space for these leaders to showcase their initiatives, highlight successful projects, and discuss strategies to address the critical issue of inclusivity and accessibility. By fostering collaboration and promoting multi-stakeholder engagement, the forum catalyzed actionable solutions that aim to drive positive change at local, regional, and global levels.

Throughout the event, participants had the chance to network, form partnerships, and explore innovative approaches to global challenges. Interactive sessions and breakout groups encouraged collaborative problem-solving, enabling participants to contribute their expertise and collectively shape the future.

The Global Leaders Forum is committed to inclusivity and recognizes the importance of diverse perspectives in generating sustainable solutions. With representation from a wide range of sectors, backgrounds, and regions, the forum aims to create a truly global platform where every voice is heard and valued.

This year’s Global Leaders Forum was a milestone event, harnessing the collective wisdom and innovative spirit of leaders from around the UAE. By uniting visionaries and driving collaborative action, the forum seeks to inspire transformative change and build a better future for all.


Join us at the Global Leaders Forum and be part of a global movement towards a more inclusive, accessible and prosperous world.