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4th AccessAbilities Expo Dubai

A Platform of Support and Cooperation for People of Determination.

The 4th AccessAbilities Expo held in Dubai was one of the largest EXPO events held for People of Determination in the MENA region. The expo featured 250 exhibitors from more than 50 countries, these exhibitors showcased their products and services for the People of Determination. The opening ceremony was attended by His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum and His Excellency Ahmed Aboul Gheit.

The AccessAbilities Expo aimed to empower People of Determination, promote exclusivity, and enhance their capabilities through keynotes, speaking sessions and available products and services. The expo showcased innovative technologies, programs, and initiatives that aim to enhance the experience of these individuals. Moreover, the expo is a beacon of light and a platform for cooperation and support to implement the International Convention on the Rights of People of Determination.

Masam Ali Malik and Omar Hayat (Directors, CLD Mena) delivered keynote addresses to help increase awareness and inclusivity. Masam spoke about “Change or be Changed”, highlighting the need for change and how agility is an essential skill to have in an ever-changing world. Masam emphasized that the biggest obstacles to inclusivity and accessibility is human nature to stay in the comfort zone and resist change. The interactive session explained how change works and examples of organizations who succeeded by accepting change and those that did not.

Omar spoke about “Mental Wellness”, a relatively new addition to the topic of Wellness. Omar’s keynote highlighted the impact and importance of Mental Wellness and what high levels of stress can affect your body. The session explored the connection between stress and mental wellness while covering the different energy levels we have access to. Furthermore, he covered how you can create a plan that focuses on leveraging Purpose, Intellect, Emotions, and Physical health to enter a flow state.

CLD MENA is a staunch advocate of Inclusivity and Accessibility of People of Determination, partnering with multiple organizations to further this cause. Moreover, CLD MENA also focuses on the mental aspects of Wellness which are often overlooked and can cause unnoticed drops in performance, efficiency, and health.